• 30 July 2019 continues to grow because it considers quality and service of paramount importance. It is our mission to swiftly deliver correct and reliable translations, to help improve the image of our customer and to take care of this burden for them.

It has been 2 years since we acquired the translation agency and during this second year, we have been able to deliver 50% more translations in comparison to the previous year. We are doing well and want to thank you for the trust that we keep receiving.

Below we give you a quick impression of the translations we have been working on lately:

  • Legal and HR documents: instruction manuals for employees into English and Polish, agreements into English and French, sworn translations into French, Polish, English. Communication for employees into English, Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian and letters to customers and employees into Dutch.
  • Technical documents: manuals and other technical documents into Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch.
  • Commercial documents: an online course for sales representatives into Dutch, a website into Chinese, promotional materials into French, German and English.

A response we received from one of our customers after translating their brochure into English: “I have taken a quick look at the translation and at first glance it looks amazing. Should I have remarks or adjustments I will let you know, but for now thank you for the great translation, my compliments!” SD

Don’t you just love having 1 address to send all your translation work to? When you have a document that needs to be translated, send the original document to or upload it. Within 1 hour you will receive a quotation and the estimated delivery time. Guaranteed.


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